It’s the noises that are the worst …

K*** has gone away for few days to a cottage in North Yorkshire. She has gone with her sister and dad, Cottageto try and help him to come to terms with the loss of his wife. I’m not going, except for a day on Thursday, which is K***s birthday. I’m not sure I could have got the time off work (although I think I could have done, so that’s probably just an excuse) but I find ‘family’ holidays a bit of a strain. Daily activities do not seem to be planned. I’ll ask “What are we doing today?” and the usual answer would be “We don’t know yet.” I’d then ask “So what are the options?” and would get the same answer. Call it my Autistic Tendencies (yes, I’m one of those people that think we all have some mild Autistic Tendencies ) but, I like to know in advance what I’m doing. I call it “My 5 W’s” …’What, When, Where, Who and Why’. It’s just one of those things. I find that I cannot just ‘go with the flow’…I get very stressed.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. This is about the noises that I hear when I’m ‘Home Alone’. The telly is off, I’m not bothered about listening to any music and I’m just sat randomreading. Now I get the silence. What gives me the jitters, are the random noises. I suppose the noises are always there in the background. Noises such as the boiler starting or stopping, the click when the sensor on the external light picks up some movement (bloody cats) that kind of thing. I feel, that when K*** is here, those noises just don’t register. For example, earlier S**** frightened the life out of me. The gate was locked and so was the back door. So imagine the fright, when I hear the back door opening and someone coming in the house. That would not have bothered me if I was not alone. Then there was the car door that I heard slam. I know it’s only the guy across the road coming home with fish and chips for his supper, but that door slam seems to be amplified more than usual.

Then there’s the sleep issue. I know from previous experience that alarm clockalthough I’ll more than likely get off to sleep quickly, staying asleep until my alarm goes off may be a problem. If, and more likely when I wake up, I’ll spend hours trying not to hear noises.

I’m beginning to rant a bit now, more than usual, so I’ll end it now.

4 thoughts on “It’s the noises that are the worst …

  1. It’s strange how our senses are heightened when our usual situation changes. I know how it used to affect me, when Trev was working nights. However, that was with the tv/radio on. I’m not sure I’d sit alone at night without any background noise. I did, eventually, get used to those times, & most of the sounds I could explain away rationally. After all we’d lived in that house for over 32 years. Now we’ve moved house, there have been a whole new lot of sounds to get used to! I hope the silence doesn’t disturb you too much, & you manage to enjoy your day away! 😊


    1. Sorry I didn’t approve this sooner. For some bizarre reason your comment had filtered into the spam. We’ve lived here over 20 years now, but we still get noises that we cannot recognise.

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  2. I remember a story told of my mad uncle. In the middle of the night he had called his brother on the phone in a very distressed state. He had heard outside his flat, in the carpark, the sound of a car door opening BUT NOT CLOSING AGAIN! He wanted to know if he should ring the police! His brother was less than sympathetic.

    The noises I hear in the middle of the night are of a different kind. I’ve been using this video to learn more about them.


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