Only one option now …

Well it finally happened. The laptop has definitely had it’s day computer-problem-152211_640and a new one is the only option I have got now. I did manage to bring it back to life last time, but that was the second time. It looks like there is no 3rd time lucky. Argos seems to be the best bet at the moment. K*** can get a bit of discount by purchasing an Argos gift card on her staff credit card, and by going through her cash-back site, get even more. So that’s one of todays jobs. Find the best one, at the best price. I’m looking at an Acer or a Lenovo, but it all depends on if they are in stock and where there are. I have to up and running again before the youngest gets home on Friday. Don’t need any issues there, as he has had some with his laptop while he’s been away.

Wish me luck!

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