Holiday’s over …

Well it’s back to work on Monday. I’ve not worked since the 18th December (boss thought I would have too much on to work Christmas Eve) and I hope I remember water heaterwhat to do. It’s not as it is the most difficult job in the world, but I tend to forget things sometimes. For example, my last task of the day is to turn off the water heater. It’s not an essential job, as the boss usually checks when I’ve gone, but I do have a tendency to forget it. We shall see. Still I’m looking forward to getting stuck in again and seeing the refit work that’s been going on . I had a quick walk past this morning and it seemed to be as full as usual.


It was the funeral yesterday, and It was really a celebration of her life. It was very sad, but also very beautiful. My eldest son spoke a very moving tribute, that he had written himself that was very emotional. It had people in tears one minute then smiling in remembrance the next. I was very proud.


K*** has been spending a great deal of time with her dad over the past couple of weeks, so for the majority of the time, I’ve been “Home Alone” so to speak. R*** was back at his Flat screenrespite flat on Monday (he’s due home again tonight) so I was left to my own devices. I’ve come to the conclusion, based on this last week, that I don’t actually like television. There has been nothing on that could actually say “I mustn’t miss that!” I’ve not been in the mood for writing or listening to music, but I have been reading. I recently found a book called “The Gods of War” by Conn Iggulden. It is about Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. What I didn’t know when I started started it, was that it was book four of a series of five. There was a page missing at the front which listed the restbooks of the series. I read about 80% of the book back in November when we were away for a few days, before I realised. I managed to hunt down books one and two and am well on the way with book two now. I’m struggling to find book three, I tend to buy second/third hand books from charity shops (as I think the big book retailers make enough money) as I have not seen it in any independent book shop. I did spot it in one shop, but it was picked up before I got chance.

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