Ready for the grief …

As the title says, I’m ready for the grief I may possibly get.

I want to talk (moan) about dogs. More specific, dog owners. What is it with these/you people? Just because you are a dog lover, it doesn’t automatically follow that I’m one too. In fact, I can’t be doing with the majority dog and ownerof dogs/owners.

Take my neighbour (please). He has two spaniels. Now both are well behaved and both will respond to his commands, but I’m not interested in either animal. So I get quite upset when the bl**dy animals start jumping up at me when they see me. He has a bit of a bad leg, so by the time he has hauled himself out of the local field, where he walks to dogs they are already hyped-up. I don’t think there can be anything more revolting than being licked by a tongue that has been God knows where before hand.

Moan over

4 thoughts on “Ready for the grief …

  1. Sorry Tony but you made me giggle with this one. I do like dogs, but have no illusions they are saints. An over-eager one covered my legs in mud (no joking) on my way to Darwen Tower a few months ago. The owners were fairly mortified. Luckily I had jeans on rather than a dress and they were a bit muddy anyway.

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    • Hi. Many thanks for your comment. I value all comments because it means you have taken the trouble to read my posts.

      Either I have not expressed myself too well, or you have missed the whole point of this post. The ‘dog’ is not the problem the ‘neighbour’ is an example. I have no problem with either per se. The problem I have is what the person becomes when they are with their dog. Nothing else seems to be important for some of them when they are with their dog. Maybe a slight exaggeration to say the ‘majority of dog owners’ but it does seem to be most of the ones I’ve met.

      As for being ‘surprised’ at 63, nothing surprises me!

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