A last … it’s all over … for now

I speak, of course about the Olympic Games. Whilst I admit, it has been a great Games for the so called ‘Team GB’ I really do think it has gone on too long. Controversial, I hear you say! Well maybe so. But there are some of us that do not find the idea of near 24/7 coverage of sport that interesting.

For the most part the BBC has covered everything, it thought that we would want to see on three of it’s channels. I have an issue there (wouldn’t you just know it.) The BBC seem to have thought that it would be a good idea to have us flit between channels to see the things we wanted. One minute we are nicely watching the diving on BBC 1, then we are told to switch to BBC 2 to continue. Thirty minutes later, it’s back to BBC 1 again for an hour, but if we want to watch ‘blah blah’, then switch to BBC 4. And to top it all, we have another choice of viewing via the ‘Red Button.’ Meanwhile ‘Casualty’ and ‘Holby’ are are abandoned for the duration. What a let down! Joking about the last sentence.

Next we have the Para-Olympics starting in two weeks time. Only just got the euphoria out of my system, when it all starts again. Now before anybody kicks off, I feel that the Para-Olympics are just as important, if not more so as the other games. However, I do feel that they are overshadowed by the main stream games somewhat. I for one am completely burnt out with the games, and am not looking forward to watching more.

Why do we not have the Para-Olympics the following year? It would be one way of ensuring that the Olympic park is not just used for for the four weeks of the (hate to say this …) ‘Main games’. Mind you, it looks like the Para’s are to be scaled down this time, due to disappointing ticket sales and budget cuts. It seems that making the disabled pay for the failure of others is not just the prerogative of the UK.

One thought on “A last … it’s all over … for now

  1. I didn’t watch any of it really. Occasionally caught a bit on the news, but had no interest in watching whole segments. I can’t understand why TV networks do all the switching back and forth, either.


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