How do you like your posts?

I have always liked to show the full post when I write, which goes a long way in explaining the type of themes I like to choose. I’m not really a fan of those themes that show a snippet of the post, with a ‘read more…‘ link to the rest of the work.

I feel that unless you get the point of the post, in the first line or two, readers may move on to something/one else. I suppose it is the sign of a good writer, if they can ‘hook’ their readers in the first line. When I looked at the posts I have made in the past, the point of the post tends to be towards the middle, and that is where the impact is.

Over the nest few weeks, my goal will be to write better posts with a more persuasive catch line at the start.

But what about you …….?

Come to an end. Wrap it up #writing101

Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, I have not been able to complete the course as I would have liked. Day 13 was a difficult one for me and was going to miss that one out and continue with Day 14. However that slipped along with Day 15 etc etc. I now find myself at Day 20.

For the most, I have found the course very enjoyable. I especially liked the assignments where I could try my hand a a bit of creativity. I really like the ‘Over a Cup of Coffee’ and the ‘Reinvent The Letter’ ones.

All in all, would I do it again? Would I recommend to someone? Did I get anything out of it? I have to say yes to all three.