Make a list #writing101

I must firstly say, that I don’t like making lists. My dislike goes back years to the time when I was first asked for a ‘Christmas List’. For those who have never heard of this, a Christmas List (and in the same vein a ‘Birthday List’) is basically a wish list of things I would like as Christmas presents. I always thought it a strange idea that getting a present was expected. Probably just me. Anyway here is my list, which is not in any particular order, but it is interesting that wine and whisky seem to have found their way to the top of the list:

Twenty things I like!

  • Red and white wine (still only)
  • Whisky
  • Beef rump steak fried or grilled (not such a fan of fillet)
  • Pork (any kind)
  • Reading fantasy novels
  • Writing my blog
  • Working with Excel (other spreadsheets are available!)
  • Craft beers (Ales as opposed to lager types)
  • Knitting (not crochet)
  • Cycling (when I get fit again ……)
  • Driving my car (when I know where I’m going)
  • Old classic films (movies)
  • Old classic radio comedy (mainly British)
  • Reading other peoples blogs
  • Photography
  • Creative writing (a work in progress)
  • Detailed instructions (for anything)
  • Ironing clothes (sad, I know)
  • Cooking
  • Finding bargains

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