I hate wallpaper designers, but LOVE wallpapering

Someone who was reading my last post (over my shoulder whilst editing) said when they had finished reading “Anyone would think you hated wallpapering!” Well it did not come across like that to me, but then I’m reading it from my perspective not a readers. So to clear up any confusion, especially for those ‘over the shoulder’ readers, I admit that I do rather enjoy wallpapering.

Love is probably too strong a word, but it comes close pretty close. It’s the intricacies I enjoy. The fine detail. Ensuring that the pattern matches exactly down the seams between lengths. The difficulty of fitting the paper around light switches and plug sockets so it does not show is one of the challenges I like. I don’t always get it perfect, but it is what I aim for.

I suppose I’m like that in other jobs too. I hate the phrase ‘it will do’ when I know that it could be improved. Jobs like designing a new form document at work. It has to be exactly right. Margins an appropriate size, best font type, that kind of thing. Which is often the reason it will take me longer to produce this stuff than others. I won’t accept second best. There is probably pyscho/medical condition that covers this. Maybe a mild form of OCD, but I’m not looking for a diagnosis (how did this post get this far?) I just enjoy it.

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