To Buddy or not ….. that is the question ?

Well, todays task is an interesting one. A Blog Buddy! So how would I go about completing this task. I suppose there are three ways I could go. The second most easy way (I’ll come to the easiest later) is just to put a request on ‘The Commons’ on the blogging 201 page and hope someone feels generous and play. The upside, is that you may ‘buddies’ that really want to be a buddy. There are downsides, but I’ll not dwell on that.

The hardest way is to contact someone direct. I suppose you would have to have a lot of confidence in your blog and in yourself to cope with the disappointment if that buddy says no! Even more so if you get many rejections (Q. Do I have a confidence issue??)

Then we come to the easy way. You just put out your request on the “The Commons” on the Blogging 201 site and hope for the best. The biggest issue with this method would be if nobody answered your request! What would that convey about you and your blog.

I’m in a quandary. Which way should I go, if any way at all. Taking on a ‘Buddy’ is quite a big responsibility.