What blogging day are we on ….

I was going to start post twice a week, but answering these ‘Daily Tasks’ has forced me to up that schedule a little. So, without tracking back I have no idea how far along this Blogging 201 road we have got. Well that’s not quite true, in fact it’s not true at all, but I had to start with something!

So things I’ve done today:

  1. I’ve reviewed my sharing buttons
  2. Posted a thank you comment on a followers About Page (http://thecraftyladyincombatboots.wordpress.com/)
  3. I have rechecked that post are publicised (UK English) via Twitter and
  4. I’ve added a FaceBook share button

I did originally publicise on FaceBook as well, but that just seemed to be a duplication and bit of a waste of time.


    On a different subject, I’m thinking of restarting a short story that I was working on a year or two ago. It’s just a distant idea at the moment, and I need to do a lot of revising before I start writing. I even need to change the title, but it’s on the cards.


    By the way, as part of my “Experiment” using Microsoft Word as my blogging tool, it also works with numbered bullet points.

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