Life changer + 15

Well, tomorrow is the first of the big days. Tomorrow I go for my angiogram. I’ve done all the ‘home-prep’: the personal details form completed; the next of kin form completed; donor card checked (wait … do I have anything worth donating ….. will have to check that one); Kindle and phone fully charged. All done.

I’ve had lots of messages of support from friends, but with some, there seems to be some misconception about what is going to happen tomorrow. From what I have read, and I may be completely wrong, all that is going to happen is that they are going to put a tube (or two) into an artery (or vein) and inject a dye into my blood system. They are then going to take lots and lots of X-rays to check if I have any furred up veins/arteries. The worst thing that I will feel, is a sensation that I have wet myself. I may be totally on the wrong track here, but it sounds very much like a plasma or blood donation, and I’ve had hundreds of them over the years. So I’m not too worried.

The main thing that is bothering me at the moment, and it may all change, is genital hair!! Yes, I have had to have the obligatory shave. I have had to do this before of course, many years ago when I had the ‘snip’. On that occasion, the whole lot was done. This time is just the groin area …… is this getting too much ….. no …..well the only problem is, when the damn stuff starts to grow back. You see it’s the itching that’s the problem. Not so much the itching, more the inability scratch that itch.

So, watch out for Life changer + 16 tomorrow (if I’m feeling up to it of course.)

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