Not as bad as feared

    Now, this post refers to two issues. One that I’ve mentioned and one which I may have spoken about, but I cannot remember. So, I shall begin with the first issue:

Blogging with word 2013

    It worked! Not a lot more I can say really. However, that would be a bit of a waste of time my mentioning, if I don’t expand a little. This post is also using the ubiquitous Word 2013, so you could say that ‘the jury is still out’ to quote a much maligned phrase. It is definitely not Windows Live Writer (WLW) but I am beginning to warm to it a little more than before. I thought that I would miss the ‘generate tag’ plugin that WLW has, but you know what, I was never that good in the first place. With Word, I just have to post as draft and amend it. Also, unless I’m mistaken, there is no way to preview the post in Word, but I’m just nit picking I think.

    Now, what I would like is a cheap way of writing my blog on my ‘hudl’ tablet. Okay, I realise I can use the WordPress website, but that would be too easy. Well it will when my mini Bluetooth keyboard is delivered.

    The second issue is work related.

Workplace Review

    Looking back I have had a little rant about this, is to do with the next work review. Things change every day. Before this morning, we were under the impression that we may end up in one of the offices on the outskirts of the City centre around mid June. That is what I was hoping for. However, the word out today, is that we are to move to the City centre, literally, and it is going to happen in March. The office that has been mentioned, is one of three on the same street, each with a different name. Over the years, I have worked in both of the two other offices. Since 2005, I’ve worked in offices that are away from the centre, but quite easy to drive to. The new office is what we call a ‘Changing the Workplace’ office. All that means, is that we will not have our own desk, and we will hot-desk. My manager has done it for a while now, and she has started to get used to it. I do not think the majority of our team share the same feeling.

    One of the big issues, will be parking. At the current office, and since 2005, the parking has been on site and free. There is no such thing in the City centre offices. Nearest car park will cost £5.00 a day, which will be a big chunk of money that I’m not used to spending. Saying that, the new idea will be to be more ‘agile’ and as such, I will be able to work in other offices and I should be okay to work one day from home. So not all doom and gloom!

    On a lighter note, this post is number 500. Yes I’ve actually made 500 postings on this blog. Feel like I should sing something …….. “Happy Birthday to My Blog”


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