My first time….

I simply have to blog this. Tonight, Mathew I’m ….. no no no, that’s the wrong thing. Tonight I won my first eBay auction. Not such a big deal some may say, but this one has been. You see, I’ve been after an expanding briefcase, and this one person has been selling them with a starting bid of 99p. He has been adding them to his ‘store’ at the rate of one per day for the past few weeks. I’ve been bidding on the all up to a maximum, but have been out bid everytime …. until tonight. So I’m sat there, with eBay open, whilst watching QI on the TV. I suddenly turned around to see I had only 9 seconds to place my bid !!! Panic or what !! I placed and confirmed my bid and watched as the times counted down …… 4 seconds ….. 3 seconds ….. 2 seconds …… 1 second ..…. “You have won this auction!!” Giddy was not the word. Just hope it is as good as the blurb says it is ……

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