Hospital phone call hoax …… my view

     This absolute tragedy, has highlighted a couple of issues, that I don’t understand. There has been no condemnation of the Royal security in this matter. As I understand it, all calls to the hospital should have been monitored, by the security services whilst members of the Royal family were there. Any call requesting any information, would have been automatically intercepted and redirected to a member of the security service, who would have a prepared statement. This is what Ken Wharfe, former security advisor the Princess Diana alluded to yesterday. and it does make complete sense. It’s been said that William and Katherine want a slimmed down security presence. Well so be it, but their security should be constantly reviewed.

    I’m not condoning what the radio presenters did, but it is what they do. It’s part of their job at that radio station to engage with their audience and give them what they want. It is also a sad indictment of the private health service, that such a valued nurse was on switchboard duty, and not doing what nurses are expert at. The question must be asked, had this highly professional nurse had the necessary training to operate a switchboard correctly. I have my doubts. Jobs such as telephone/switchboard operators are probably not seen in the same light as ‘professional’ jobs. I know from my own experience it is often assumed, that it is a job anyone can do.

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