How did it look ?

     Well the text handling did what I had hoped for. I was able indent the first line, no problems (someone has since advised that all I need to do in Writer is hit the spacebar five times). Paragraph indentation worked well, but will I use it ? Not sure. Inserting a single image was not really a problem, except for the sizing issue. I understand that the image style I chose was the problem with space. I chose a random style that had a part mirror image at the bottom. What it does is creates another image, inverted and fades it. So basically it was one image on top of the other. There also seemed to be no way to add tags easily. Writer does have a plugin, which does it in a round about way. It’s not perfect, but it’s there. I miss the Writer preview function and the ability to write in the blog format, which is a  really useful feature.

     I also found that I could upload the whole document to my WordPress blog, but I usually cross-post to Blogger, which did not seem to allow me to use images. Writer does not have this problem. So, for the immediate future, it looks like I will stick to Writer.

Blogging from Word 2010 – Test

    This is to test the Tab indent for the first line of a paragraph. In Live Writer 2011 pressing the Tab key inserts a block quote. There is no way to indent a line, without resorting to HTML code, which is a bit of a bind. The proof of the test will be visible after posting.

This line tests the ability to indent the whole paragraph, rather than just the first line, and contains text from a previous blog post (you’re not seeing double) I’m also testing the text formatting bold, italic, colour and underline “For the past three months I have been using an app, on my smartphone to send multiple tweets using the extremely popular #FF or #FollowFriday hash tags. The app quite simply pulls up a list of all the people that follow you, and the app then tweets a message followed by #FF, to all in that list. Well, as I mentioned, I have been doing this regularly for the past three months, without any problems at all. Then on this Friday past, I used the app as usual. When I came to login at home, I found that my account had been suspended! I quickly emailed Twitter support, and was told that “I had abused the @reply system, by sending large amounts of unsolicited messages.” The account was then ‘unsuspended’ and, after a few hours, I could carry on as normal. They really annoying thing was that the support call was closed, and I was unable to explain what had happened. I am now considering my options with Twitter. I enjoy using it, and enjoy the connections I have made using it, but if it is starting to get more restrictive, then it may have to go”

Now a picture insert

It appears that Word inserts the image as large as it can. It can be resized from the ribbon, but it is much easier to use the drag handles. There are a large number of picture style, but the question is, will those styles upload into the blog?

So here goes (this should be pint 14 font and centered)