My point of view

So, where do you stand on the Prince Harry pictures ?  My personal view is that, I don’t really care if the third in line to the throne gets his arse out at a private party. He is a soldier !! I would put money on the idea, that this kind of thing happens a lot in the armed forces. Okay, he is not on active duty at the moment, but that does not change a thing. He is a young man having a bit of harmless fun at a private (see that word) party, and someone thought it a good idea to take photos, and then sell them. Was it planned or just a chance. I think the reasoning is that it was planned. Anyway, it is not important. It does not make the world a better place and it does not make the world a worse place.

What does annoy me most, is the arrogance of the ‘Tits and Tittle Tattle’ rags, that have the gall to say this kind of thing is ‘in the public interest.’ How do they know ? Who asked the ‘public’ if they were interested in seeing these pictures ? They certainly did not ask me, or my wife, or my eldest son ! Is it news ? Or is it just sleazy gossip. On the Sunday Live programme this morning, a so called ‘investigative journalist’ explained why the tabloid (aka the gutter press) prints this kind of tat. It is to sell newspapers, and I use the term lightly, to pay for him to sit in a surveillance van, outside the home of a celebrity or politician ! So, by that reasoning, it is self interest not the public interest that drives rags like the S*n to print such drivel.

What do you think the readers (again a term used lightly) think of all this. Well from my experience of the majority of people, that buy tabloids, they will not care either way. First thing this type of readership does, is to open at page three, spend a few moments salivating at the Photoshopped bimbo that adorns that page, before turning to that most important of areas of news, the sports page.

One of the arguments being bandied about, for showing these pictures, is freedom of the press. Well let’s be quite clear on this. The press in this country is the freest in Europe, and probably one of the freest in the world. The very nature that they can print the rubbish they do, proves that point. Another argument, is that the press is running scared after the Levison enquiry. They need to make a stand for, again, a free press. You are not fooling anyone !!! It’s all about making money !!! It’s all about getting enough money in the bank, so they can pay the Police to give information. Is that too near the knuckle ??

Newspapers need to go back to reporting news. There is nothing more to say. Well there is, but not now.

4 thoughts on “My point of view

  1. Agreed Tony, the whole “uproar” infuriated me. He’s a young, single man with dangly bits just like every other male. The Sun’s “in the public interest to publish” excuse was flimsy in the extreme. There is so much going on in this world we live in and this is front page news!?!


  2. Yes, good piece. I agree, mostly. Especially about the ridiculous and hypocritical position The Sun has taken. And at such a sensitive time, when the press should be picking its battles. Printing the pics is pure sensationalism. Yet again, The Sun gives journalism a bad name.

    What I would also like to know is whether The Sun actually sold vastly more copies for that issue.


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