So where am I now…

I suppose that is not such a good title for a post, but then I’ve never been good with post titles. So…where am I now. Well work wise, things are moving on quite well. There still some issues with my previous position, but they are few and far between now. I have yet to get a permanent desk. Where I’m sitting at the moment is quite a good position. The person who will be a kind of mentor to me sits quite close by, and it is all together a good siting for a base. I do need a desk I can call my base, or ‘My Desk’ if you will. It makes me feel more of a permanent fixture in the team. Team, now there’s a word which I have not been able to bandy around for a while.

Mrs H problems with her arm, seem to have settled down now much more. Her arm is still very stiff at times, but the scar seems to be fading a little. Of course she can’t see that, and to her it looks horrendous. But it is nowhere near as bad as she thinks it looks.

R*** has got his placement at the college we want him to go to. It is a 50 week placement, with 2 weeks at home over Christmas. It will be 5 days a week, and we have even got the respite of 3 days per month at the same place. He has had one visit and there does not seem to be any issue with him. His one to one support worker thinks it will be great for him. Especially with the activities they are planning. I think the funding is only for 1 year, so we will probably have to go through the same stress next year !!!

The village play S**** was in last month went down very well. So well in fact, that they are taking it to another drama group to perform. It is something that some of the group have been looking at for a some time. Many of them though, just want it to be a ‘Panto’ group, with a few diehards that do something in the summer. S**** thinks that they could do lot more. He has got his name down at a quite famous Leeds drama society. They are doing a pantomime in January, and he is hoping for some kind of role in that. Fingers crossed, but he should hear something early September.

My car has been a bit unwell. It has been making a loud noise for a week or so. Someone said,that it sounds “…like a tank trying to fly…”. I did not think it sounded that bad, but then I was inside. It was only when S**** went to pick someone up last week that I really heard what it sounded like. I ummed and erred for a couple of days, but when the headlight failed, I thought I would call in the repair shop and have it looked at. I was expecting it to be a big bill, but it still came as a shock when he quoted the price. “The full exhaust needs replacing, it will take about 2 hours, and it will be £395.45.” In the end, the job took nearer 5 hours, but they charged me the quoted price, so I cannot complain about that. So I’m a bit lighter in the bank balance now. Mind you, I’ve had the car 7 years, and apart from MOT and servicing, this is the first major repair it has needed, so I think it is doing quite well. Of course, I’m now doing 100 miles a week more than before, which I suppose doesn’t help.

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