Glad it’s Friday

It has been an odd week! Tuesday night Quiz Night was really good fun for a change. I’ve not been for a couple of weeks, what with the way R has been after the medication change. So it was good to go out, and with R being on respite, Mrs Me could go too.

Wednesday came, and with it came the news that my job interview (for the job I’m already doing) has been brought forward by 2 weeks. I was quite lucky, as I had done my application forms, some time ago. I only needed to double check and tweak them and they could go. My interview is on Thursday 29th, so fingers crossed. The thing that has annoyed me a little, well more than a little, is that nobody in the office, with the odd exception, seems to be interested in what I want from this review. It is all ’what will we do about…’ and ‘who is going to …’ and lots of ’we need you to do…’  All I want is a job I can do, paid at the same rate, doing something I like. We shall see what happens. I will keep you posted.

Yesterday we had R’s annual review, which was over in about 2 minutes. It was also a ‘transition’ review at the same time. It is his last few weeks at West Oaks, and he is moving from Adult Services with Leeds CC to ‘Continuing Care’ with North Yorkshire Health. I cannot pretend to understand the mechanics of it all, but it would seem that he has a much better chance of getting funding, for his placement, through Health Service (until Cameron’s Goons get to hear about it I suppose.) We want him to go ‘out-of-area’ as they call it. All the services in Leeds have stated, that they cannot meet his needs (nothing Autistic specific in Leeds it seems.) However this out of area service can… but at a price. We did initially think about full time residential, but I don’t think anyone is ready to go that far yet.So we have decided on a day placement. If we mix it in with a monthly respite allowance, we think it will work. We now have to wait on the funding approval. Hopefully, we should get to know just after Easter. More crossed fingers everyone.

Today, Mrs Me had a mole removed from her arm. She has been to the doctors a few times with it, as it has been changing shape over the past few year. The past few doctors have not been bothered about it. However, last week, she saw the doctor we are registered with, and her set the wheels in motion to get it looked at. Today was the day. I could not get any time off, with it being close to the end of the the financial year, so S went with her. The mole has now been replaced with a two and a half long scar. Both of them were pretty amazed, that they did the removal straight away. Mind you, she is paying for it now, she is in a lot of pain.

I have decided on my subject/genre for the novel, I intend to write. It is going to be a ‘middle earth’ type fantasy novel. I have the basic story outline and have drawn a map. I have begun to build a character profile for the main characters, and am starting to have ideas about the locations and events, although, they’re still in my head at the moment. I reckon it will take about 1 1/2 to 2 years to write. That is based on the fact that there are many times when I just cannot be bothered. But 2 years seems to me to be a realistic time scale

I think i will stop now

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