Word Blog test …. results

Well, a bit of a surprise here. I did manage to post a blog post, but I was very disappointed with it. Word 2010 appears to be a very basic blogging tool, which is surprising, given the complexity of it. After a bit of research I found the following that Word 2010 does not support:

  • the use of plugins
  • viewing your post in HTML mode
  • scheduling of posts
  • tags

Some of the features it does have are:

  • the ribbon toolbar
  • capture screenshots of existing open windows
  • able to insert shapes, charts and word art
  • a new feature known as Format painter that allows you to copy one formatting from one place to another

Now, I’m not that bothered about the ’ribbon toolbar’ and Word Art is nothing special, so the ‘features’ do not do very much for me.

I have had a look at Blogdesk which I used before, but it apparently does not work with Windows 7. So it looks like I’ll be sticking with Windows Live Writer for the time being.

Tags: Word,Blog,HTML,ribbon,Blogdesk,Windows,Live,Writer,toolbar

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