Getting back to normal (?)

When I typed the title of this post, I thought I must put a query against the word normal. As if anything in this house could possibly be described as normal!! Of course, if you have been following events over the past week or two, you may know I refer to R***. Things are beginning to get back to ‘normal’ with him. He is completely off the new medication, and back on the old one. It has taken a couple of days, but there has been a vast improvement since the beginning of the week. We still get the odd ‘episode’, but the unnatural behaviour that we were experiencing has just about disappeared. Of course, the consultant has told Mrs H, that there are other medications ‘we’ can try (I love when they say we), but they want him back to his old self before they start anything else.  My opinion is that that we leave it as it was. We could cope with him before the new med, so lets leave it at that. The problem with the old medication was that there was an increase risk of heart problems, and they would  have to monitor him more closely. So be it.

Mrs H has not been too well, these past few days. What with what’s been happening to R*** and the tooth extraction, it has been quite a traumatic week. Her and S**** were supposed to be going out last night, but she was not really well enough, so I ended up going instead. The thought of driving in the condition she was in, overruled her fears of being alone in the house with R***. In the end, he was alright. She is still not right, and she has to go to work tomorrow.

S**** is out with his work colleagues. They have gone ten-pin bowling in Leeds, and I’m sat waiting for the phone call to pick him up. Most of the shops are going, and they have hired a mini-bus to bring his team back to Wetherby. I’ll pick him up from there. It should be around 1:00am I think.

The story writing has ground to a halt. I don’t think I am ready to tackle ‘erotic horror’ tales just yet, so I need to think of something else. That is the first hurdle. A topic. A topic that I either know something about or can find out about. Any of you got any ideas for me ??

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