Spoilt for choice ??

Choice, I hear you ask. It was either update the blog, or watch a very old movie. Well here I am.

How is R? Well the half dosage of the new medication did not work. Last afternoon, just before I got home at 4:30, he completely lost it. He bit Mrs H, so badly, that he drew blood. He ripped her necklace off, and we don’t know what happened to that. We have had someone doing some work for the past few days, and he was there when this all happened. He was very worried, and did not know what to do. He’d never seen anything like it. Anyway, Mrs H contacted his medical team, explained what had happened and told then we were taking off the the drug. They agreed that it was the best thing to do, although still saying that the effects were unusual. But, what was going on with him? What was he experiencing? I don’t know, and he’ll never tell us. One of the effects is hallucinations !! Was he experiencing this? Who knows. Even if he knew what a hallucination was, he could not tell us. It’s not something he can do. It is part of his Autistic disorder.

Today has been better. Mrs H went to pick S up from work, and I stayed with him. Mrs H does not like driving in the dark, but she has got so frightened of what he will do, that she does not like being alone with him, at the moment. However, he was fine, and we played hide and seek (the only interactive game he will play) until he could not find me. Then he started to go ‘off’. However, this time, he did his usual chin pressing for a while, but calmed down quite quickly, which given what has gone on the past week was brilliant.

I have to say, S has been fantastic. Very understanding, very calm. He seems to be able to get through to R better than us. Maybe an age thing ! It was one of the reasons he went to live away for 2 years while he was at Uni. If R had not been like he was, then S might not have gone. Although, I think we all needed him to do it, we just won’t admit it.

Well that’s it for now. i may just watch a bit of that old movie for a while.

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