Side effects …. you don’t want to know

Today was the first day with the full dosage of his new medication. It is supposed to calm him down for the day, and we we’ve been told that it is used a lot for Autistic types. We, or should I say Mrs H, have been introducing the new drug over the past week. He has been on half a dose all week, together with half a dose of the original meds. Over the past few months, he’s been quite good. He has had episodes, where he has been upset, but the ‘emergency’ tablet has usually worked. We’ve not had him breaking anything for years, until tonight. Tonight he broke his Thomas dish. Now this dish is one of those hard plastic type cereal dishes that last forever. Tonight he broke one. He must have thrown it with such a force, as I have never seen anybody crack one let alone shatter one. Now I don’t believe in coincidences, but it is strange, that the first day of this med, and he does something he’s not done for a long time. He knew he’d done something wrong though. I was unusually calm when I went into his room, but he was so agitated, that he went for me almost immediately. The usual chin pressing on my arm/hand/head. The so called ‘emergency’ tablet worked it’s wonders and brought him down again, and at the moment (23:30) he seems to be quite calm. I am not happy with this, and will continue this conversation as it progresses.

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