Decorators cramp ….

Apart from what happened recently, it has been a long long day. Mrs H wanted the stairwell painting. Just the walls. The roof will do (my comments btw). So ‘a painting we will go’ or so I thought. I did as usual, and did all the cutting in first (techie term there) before starting with the roller. The roller … nightmare!!! I thinned the paint down a little, by 2% and started, then stopped. The bloody paint was drying as fast as I could put the stuff on the wall. I tried with a paint pad …… even worse. The damn thing would not even move across the wall. I eventually had to let the paint down by 10%, before I could really get to work. It must be the paint, because I have used rollers and paint pads with other paints, without any problem, so it must be the paint. Mind you, I’m not a big fan of famous brand named paints. They may have a cute shaggy dog, but I think their paint is rubbish. Anyway, once the paint was at the correct viscosity, I managed to finish. I’m now completely kna……ed

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