England !!! This England…..

I really don’t get it. I just don’t understand this obsession, if you like, with ‘the Only Was Is Essex’. Or should that be ‘wiv Essex’. I’m quite sure that the majority of the people from that County are not anything like the two fools that were dancing (prancing) on Lets Dance for Sport Relief last night. Why do the women try to sound and look like Katie Price ? Hasn’t she got enough on her plate without hundreds of fake tanned ‘babes’ trying to emulate her. I blame Jamie Oliver and his laddish attitudes to food for this.

Then we have the other highly popular TV program, ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’. One minute we are getting court orders to move them on, then the next minute we think they are fantastic TV. Has the whole country become NIMBY’s ? I am beginning to think so. The same can be said of the ‘Occupy’ movement. Many many people support what they are trying to do, but only if does not disrupt their daily lives. Then it has to stop.

What is time to stop, is all these so called ‘Reality Shows’. Don’t be fooled, it is not ‘good television’ to watch the rich and famous making themselves look stupid. If they want to be like that, then let them get on with it, but not on my television and at my expense. Now, some will say “you can always turn it off”, but then what is the point of hundreds of channels, if it is turned off. We need more of, and this is in no particular order, is quality drama, quality comedy, quality documentary (do you see the theme here), quality music etc etc.

That rant is now over, although I may come back to this later.

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