Stuck in the middle….

     Well there’s a blog title for you. Stuck in the middle of what ? Is it dinner ? Is it a queue at Tesco ? Actually, I’m talking about my latest foray into writing. This is my third attempt at a short story, and I’m stuck. I have the basic outline of what the story is, and have got the start and the middle and the end. I have also got from the start to the middle, but I am struggling with how to get from the middle to the end. I think, I need to print out what I have got so far, then try and expand on that first. The ‘start to middle’ bit could be a bit more descriptive. I don’t just want padding though, it has got to fit right. I also think I need to develop the characters more. That was something that was missing from the last attempt. What I should do, and I haven’t done so far, is write a very brief synopsis first. Then decide on the people who appear in the story. After that, I think I should build a small biography for each character. Identify their traits and characteristics, and create a personality for each one. I could eventually end up with portfolio of persona, to work with in the future. Hmmm… maybe I should create the characters first, and see how they fit into the story idea!!! It is so difficult to really get started. I have ideas bubbling around in my head, but I am not getting them into any order. I need to think this through a lot more, and start writing things down, instead of keeping them in my head. Light bulb First job then is to get one of those journalists note pads,and keep it handy. Then I can write down everything I think of, that may be useful. I often hear people say things which sound interesting or funny, but then can never remember them.

      If anyone has any ideas, then shout out. I need all the help I can get.

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