New laptop part 2 ……

The new mouse arrived today.Mouse It seems to work ok. It is a bit smaller than the usual mouse, but it feels quite comfortable. I hope I don’t have the same problems with this mouse as I did with the last wireless mouse. Every so often it would just stop. The pointer would simply freeze on the screen, and the only way to get it working again,was to either re-boot the machine or unplug the wireless adapter. Now it has happened with this mouse once, so fingers crossed.

It came with a couple ‘free’ bathroom/kitchen hooks. Supposedly worth £4.49,hook but I don’t where they get the price from. I have no idea where we are going to use them. The backing is blue, and we have no tiles anywhere that are the same blue. Still they were free, so cannot complain. I may just take them into work, although apart from my desk, there are not a lot of smooth wall space to stick them. At the end of the day, I think they will just end up in the garage somewhere, like most freebies do.

First day back at work went quite well. No disasters, well not that I noticed anyway. I think they had had few few problems with the printers last week, but then that is nothing new. I think that there had been a couple of occasions when they needed me for something, and they had to wait. Well, they are going to have to get used to that from April. As I understand it, I will not be at their beck and call as I am now. I have tried to explain that my priorities will change, but only one or two seem to have got their heads around it. A big shock is coming I think.

A strange evening with R*** today (have I mentioned that R*** is Autistic?). Mrs H had had some serious problems with him before I got home. She has not said what it was, but I gather he was pushing and pulling her around. She told me he had completely lost it again, which usually means that he had hurt her in some way. He was very loud and agitated when I got in, and he started doing the same to me. I know he was recording the sounds on his computer (did I mention before that he likes to do that?) but this was not the same. He did not seem angry, just really loud and stressed. Mrs H had given him his medication, but he must have gone too far, and it had not kicked in. After about 40 mins, he started to calm down, and we were able to give him some liquid parecetamol, which cooled him down also. We now have a new obsession. He has moved on from Playbox, via a quick excursion into Teletubbies, through to ‘Bill & Ben’ books. He’ll not let this go, until he gets all the books he wants. This is going to take some time !!!!

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