New laptop is up and ready ….

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my Windows XPiQon PC computer to Windows 7 one. I was late coming to XP from Windows 95 (I missed out the other in between) and have been hanging on because, basically PB laptopI liked Windows XP. Mind you I liked Windows 95, and at the time I was reluctant to move from that version. So I now have a nice shiny new red laptop. Yes a laptop. Mrs H convinced me that a laptop would be better than the desktop models I have been used to. I have used laptops before, but only the antique ones I use at work, so it is taking a bit of getting used to. I’m not too sure about the ‘touch pad’ though. I have sent for a red wireless mouse (to match, Mrs H again), which I hope will be here soon. I’ve borrowed an old one of S****’s, which works after a fashion, but he will need this when he gets his new computer. Although, he may want a new one.

The thing that gets me with todays laptops is, unless you go for a really expensive model, and I mean over USB£1000, then they tend to limit some of the external features. I mean, my clunky old works machine has six USB ports. This one has only three. Now I don’t know about you, but I find USB very useful. Useful for connecting things such as printers, scanners, cameras, phones and for luddites like me, a mouse. So my first job was to send for a four port USB extension, which arrived yesterday. I was going to buy one at the same time, but the price would have been in the region of £20, which I thought was a bit expensive. This was £2.99, post free from Amazon, which appealed to me.

So I am now going through the difficult job, of getting the stuff I want from my old PC, on to the laptop. A much bigger job than I expected. I managed to copy all of the My Documents folder onto my portable drive, but forgot that a lot of my music, was not in My  Docs, but in a separate folder. I’m going to take an hour or two on Sunday, to fire up the old machine and copy some the data off. Then it is in to the loft with it, until i can strip the hard disk out. It is not that I want it or anything, I just don’t want anyone else to.

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