Weird day

I suppose I should have known the day was going to be odd. R*** awoke at around 03:00am, and did not seem very happy at all. He has a TV/Video combo, and the video part was playing up. You could hear the sound, but you could not see the video. I thought at first that was the heads that needed cleaning, but that did not work. Anyway, I managed to convince him that I would fix it when I got home. He was awake for over an hour, and of course, you don’t really get back to sleep after something like that. I must have been up at least 40 minutes, before I tried to get to sleep.

The rest of the day just got worse. Firstly, my computer had crashed at some point before midnight, and so the scheduled task did not run. Then the bloody thing would not start up. Then the network was playing up. Then people were asking stupid questions, making strange statements and just generally being annoying. Being tired did not help. I sent emails and missed off the attachments. I sent an email to the wrong person. Good job it was not anything that I should not have been saying. I was glad to get home.

Then the fun started again. I could not get R***’s video to work. I gave the heads a fuller clean than I had done earlier, with no joy. So I got S****’s video out of the garage. It was the one they used in the flat he shared. Managed to fit it all together and get it on the bracket. It was not very stable, so the TV is held onto the top of the video with Velcro !! Don’t laugh! It works.

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