Live Writer … retry

        I am have another attempt to use Windows Live Writer for blogging. I used to use this all the time, and got use to all it’s quirks and foibles. However, about a year ago, I experienced a problem when saving blogs to draft. It would save as normal, but then would not restore. I posted a query to Microsoft, but they did not have an answer. I then scoured the web for another free desktop blog editor, and found the wonderful BlogDesk. This program did all I wanted, as at the time I did not have or more to the point use Google Blogger. I decided I wanted to post to two blogs, possibly different posts on different subjects. It was then that I discovered, that BlogDesk was not compatible with Blogger. A quick look at their help forum showed that it did not look like they were in any hurry to make it compatible. So I had another look at WLW. I checked for updates, and after installing the latest, got set up  to post to Blogger. It seemed to work, so I may go back to WLW.

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