Cross posting Blogger/WordPress

Well I think I have solved to dual/cross posting problem. It looks like Window Live Writer is working on my PC again, so, if I want to post to both blogs (WordPress and Blogger) then I will use it. I found a WLW Plugin called ‘xPollinate’, It would appear (and this is the test) that this can cross post, as it calls it, to both WordPress and Blogger.

Here goes……

Note: Cross posted from Boring Old Blog.


Live Writer … retry

        I am have another attempt to use Windows Live Writer for blogging. I used to use this all the time, and got use to all it’s quirks and foibles. However, about a year ago, I experienced a problem when saving blogs to draft. It would save as normal, but then would not restore. I posted a query to Microsoft, but they did not have an answer. I then scoured the web for another free desktop blog editor, and found the wonderful BlogDesk. This program did all I wanted, as at the time I did not have or more to the point use Google Blogger. I decided I wanted to post to two blogs, possibly different posts on different subjects. It was then that I discovered, that BlogDesk was not compatible with Blogger. A quick look at their help forum showed that it did not look like they were in any hurry to make it compatible. So I had another look at WLW. I checked for updates, and after installing the latest, got set up  to post to Blogger. It seemed to work, so I may go back to WLW.

Why does snow make people silly

It’s the silly drivers that really get my back up. I drove my son, who’s not been driving too long, to Wetherby this morning. The side roads in the village were, as expected, about 4 inches deep with the snow. The main road, which is a bus route was much better, but still tricky as the cleared snow had packed down before the salt had time to do its job. Once up on the access road things were a little better, but that’s when you met up with the stupid people. It is only about 4 miles to Wetherby, but in that space of time I saw a Private Hire car, a white van, a mini-bus and two other cars and not one had their headlights on. Amazing. Coming back I saw another white van, same again, no lights only this time, the driver had only cleared the driver’s side of the windscreen. The passenger side was still covered in snow.

It’s not only drivers that are bewildering sometimes. The number of pedestrians that were walking in the road, rather than on the pavement was astonishing. Everyone of them were wearing either Wellington’s or other kinds of boots. I had to ask myself why. Why put yourself in danger, walking  on the road, where vehicles could be slipping and sliding, when you could simply walk on the pavement. Are you worried that your boots might get wet? Do you think it safer?