…….after Christmas

So today is the first day back after the Christmas break. Including the weekend, we, at the office, have had 4 days off. What would be the first thing you would think the staff would ask ???? I don’t suppose you would guess at “What time can we finish ??” Well that was what they were asking !!! The dissapointment showed no bounds, when they were told that it would be 5 o’clock. A lot of coughing and spluttering as they groped for the words “But…but….it’s Christmas !!!!” Nope, that was why you were off, with pay for the past two days. Today is Wednesday, the only connection with the festive season, is that it is 3 days after Christmas Day. They are all looking to go home early on Friday too,”…cos it’s New Years Eve Eve”

You see, what these people forget, is that they are ‘public servants’. People, paid by the public to provide a service. They seem to think, that ‘someone’ owes them the job, and the public should be grateful that they are there. Well this time next year, some of them may not be there ! The way this country is going, there will be no public sector, and the job they are doing will be with a private company. That will be a much needed wake up call.

Here endeth my Christmas message.

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