Having a go …….

I’ve decided to have a go at ‘proper writing’. Well a short (very short) story anyway. I spotted a competition, in the Wetherby News, to write a short ghost story for the Friends of Harrogate Library. I mulled over it for a week or two, then decided I had nothing to lose, and so, inspired by a fellow WordPress blogger (Sue Healy) I had a go. The competition closes on the 5th November, so I hope to hear something soon after. Fingers crossed it is not all bad.

Remember I mention a so called email course I was doing. Turned out not to be as good as I thought. There should have been 18 parts to the course, however parts 10 through to 15 did not get emailed. I emailed them back and asked to re-send the missing parts, and left a message on their message board, but to no avail. I still have 6 parts missing, so a bit of a disappointment.

Apparently, the youngest escaped from his class again !! This time he was just in the school grounds, but again, no message from school !!! They either think, that it is not worth worrying about and that he was quite safe, or there is some other reason, which is even more worrying. I think Mrs H, may have to talk to the Head or Deputy Head.

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