Now another blog ….

The Yorkshire Life blog is up and running. I’ve done a couple of postings. they are a bit brief, but I think that is what they want. When I get time, I am going to sit down and write out a plan, of what I’m going to write about. I want to try and write a few facts about where I live, a little about me and mine, and something about what is going on and what has gone on. I have an idea (and it only an idea at the moment) to maybe interview some people about them and the village, from their perspective. I have a number of people in mind, but again I will need some kind of plan, and of course, I’ll need their permission to publish.

Eldest lads job seems to be going well. From what was 15 to 20 hours a week, has now gone to 35 hours plus. He tells us he is enjoying it and I think he is doing. However, I think he is enjoying the income more. He paying for more of the things he wants now, and when he goes to the Red Lion, he now has money in his wallet, and can buy me a pint !!

Bit of worrying news last week. When the youngest was at school, a fortnight ago, he apparently got out of the classroom, and climbed onto the class roof. His class is in a ‘posh’ port-a-cabin, and he had climbed up the fence behind, and on to the roof. There has been a couple of occasions, when has got out of our garden, by climbing the fence, and it is a real worry, as because of his Autism, he has no sense of danger. Although, here there are not many roads, some drivers seem to think they can drive at 30mph. Whilst legally entitled to, it is dangerous, with children about. However, the thing that bothered us most, was the fact that school had not told us !!!! Mrs H rang school on Friday, and was told, that he had not been in any danger, and it was all sorted. Still, they should have told us.

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