Dealing with the riot – NOT

It got a little bit stupid in the pub on Tuesday night! All the ‘experts‘ on the reason for the riots were in and quite vocal. I’ve listed some of the reasons that were given:

  • they were all illegal immigrants and they should be made to get a job
  • it’s hoodies, and they should ban them
  • gangs

These were from one person, I may add. The first comment is quite ironic, as this person had said the week before, ‘they should kick out all the illegal immigrants, as they are taking all the jobs..’ Secondly, if you are going to bad hoodies, because they are a disguise, then maybe we should ban gloves, so fingerprints can be found. Ban trainers to stop the looters/rioters/gang from being able to run away fast. Ban mobile phones, facebook, Twitter, SMS, land phones, email, word of mouth….. all which were used to ‘co-ordinate the events. Also we should ban bricks, bottles, scaffolding poles, petrol, pieces of wood, matches, cigarette lighters, wheelie bins …. all were used. If fact let us ban everything, just in case it could be used.

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