Still here ?

     Well, we survived the end of the world. Or did we ?? The non believers will claim yet again, that it is all a ‘fairy story’ and the believers will claim, that no one knows when it will happen. Personally, I think the ‘predicted’ date of the Rapture, was ‘predicted’ by people who a) wanted to cause panic and b) wanted to make money out of the whole thing.


    This super injunction and Twitter story, is becoming a bit of a farce. The legal team of footballer, who is supposed to have taken the injunction out are now out to get the thousands of Tweeters who reposted ‘the name’ Why, I ask, should these ‘celebrities’ who have made their fortunes out of the public who go to see them, be specially protected ? When they step into the public eye, they must accept that they are now public property and face both the highs and lows of their celebrity status

Rant Over

     No more news on the novel front, I’m afraid, although I’m now starting to make notes of random thoughts, that may be of use. I have yet to identify, when I am at my most creative. Apparently, there is a time or times of day, when the creative juices flow, and it is at this time, I should be writing.

     Youngest awake at 3:00am today. I think it may have been the rain that did it. After a few chocolate buttons, and a drink, he did seem to settle down again. But, at around 4:00am, the birds woke him up again. Now he has a bit of an issue with the dawn chorus. I think it is probably the pitch rather than the volume that bothers him, and there is one that sits on the garage roof, just outside his window, that seems to be the main cause of the problem. It’s 10:00am, so I suppose I should get him up.