So much spam !!!

I seem to be getting an increased amount of spam lately. The recurring theme of this spam appears to be of a bondage/domination nature. It all seems to be in response to my ‘About’ page for some strange reason. Weird !!! The spam filter Akismet looks to be catching it all, so no worries there.

My other blog has had an increase in views since posting some Xmas pictures. Just wish that they would send some more info to post about.

3 thoughts on “So much spam !!!

  1. I “tagged” the word Yorkshire in my last 2 posts, and suddenly the number of views shot upto 50 per day….. easy way to get more traffic…… but not more comments !!


  2. broadband via sky, hopefully it will be working by tomorrow nite. just got to work out how to use the microfilters, in conjunction with the phone line !
    all the best Gareth


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