Scary times…..

   Well the title of this post could mean a number of things …… the economy, the public sector cuts, the terror threats, even the Ryder Cup !!!!! But no, this post relates to my offspring(s). The youngest is 18 tomorrow, and three weeks later, the eldest is 21. Now that is scary !! When S**** was 18, it was not so bad. I felt like a proud Dad. However, R*** being 18 seems to make me feel really old. A strange feeling and I don’t know if I like it at all.

   Moving on … As a birthday treat, we took R*** to see the new Thomas the Tank movie yesterday. We have not taken him to the cinema often, as with his Autistic condition, he does not like crowds, especially crowds of children. However he was a star. Singing and laughing along. Of course, most of the time, he spent with his fingers in his ears, but that is normal for him. Yes Thomas’s Misty Island Rescue is a must.

   Now, the gripe……… why does the sound in cinemas have to be so loud? It was too loud for me, so for anyone with a noise tolerance condition, such as R*** has, it must have been painful. We were sat 2 rows from the back of the cinema, and it was loud. I do not understand.

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