Sparse blogging

   When I started this blog, it was my every intention to post something everyday. For a long time this did happen. They were not mind-blowing posts, just general observations on my and my families life. As time went on, this daily blogging drifted into random posts, often with 4/5 a week. Now I seem to have ‘lost the will to post’. It is not that there is noting to post, it is just that when I get the time (usually after 11:00pm) I often cannot be bothered. Hence ‘lost the will……’. So where are we now. Well, I think this will become a random blog. Posting just whenever the wind blows in the right direction, so to speak. Maybe I should do a ‘catch-up’ post. My other blog, for the schools PTA is starting to pick-up a little. Mind you, I did have to write a flyer to send to all the 100 or so parents and carers, which led to two people subscribing to the blog, so a little success there.

   Right, a few jobs to do, then who knows, maybe post some more …… which way is the wind blowing!!

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