… and so to the weekend

   An early start to Saturday !!!! Youngest up at 04:00am. What he usually does, is turn on his TV, then turn over and go back to sleep. Not this time !!! He sometimes does, what I call ‘droning’ ie making a continuous groan. That is what he did on Saturday morning. He never really went back to sleep. As a consequence, Mrs H an me were a little tired to say the least.

   Tried to watch the film ‘The Boat That Rocked’ last night. What a disappointment. I think we were both expecting a ‘Notting Hill/Four Weddings..’ type of movie. Sadly mistaken. We did not find it funny at all. I used to listen to Radio Luxemburg and Radio Caroline, when younger, and thought that the film may invoke some old memories.

   Better night with the youngest on Saturday night. He still awoke at around 05:00am, but thankfully he went back to sleep. He is out with his support worker for most of the day. Surprisingly, we did not have the usual ‘no out’ that we normally get. He either wanted to go, or accepted that he was going. This gave me a chance to get to the pub for a short while. Now I’m playing catch-up, and doing the jobs I should have done whilst I was out !!!

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