Late nights …..

Two late nights in a row !!!! I’m getting too old for this. Tuesday was, as usual, quiz-night. I had no intentions of going, as I sometimes feel a little out of place. Don’t know why, as I’m always made very welcome. No wins on anything though, and the quiz was quite difficult. P** bought me another pint. She got me one on my birthday. I think I need to buy a round next week. In the end, it was gone midnight, when I got in.

Last night, the eldest was up for his drama rehearsal. The usual pub was closed, apparently, Sam Smith’s pubs around here have to close one day a week. The Red Lion is usually closed on Mondays, but with the Bank Holiday, they opened, and closed on Wednesday. So we ended up in the other pub. Quite a bit more expensive, and a little bit clique. Still, it was a very enjoyable evening. We got in about twenty past twelve. S**** wanted to use the PC, so we had a small whiskey, which made it around one o’clock when I went to bed. He stayed up a little longer, and I think he was listening to an audio tape in his room for a while afterwards.

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