Work blog

A slight deviation from the norm. I am writing this whilst at work ! It not something I do often, but there is not a lot of point starting anything fresh at the moment. Another late night last night. Eldest had his first talk though of his play last night. After a few bumpy moments, I think everything settled down, and it seemed to go quite well.

Mrs H and me joined him at the pub, when they finished, which was about 10:00pm. We arrived back home at about 11:50pm, after a very pleasant evening. I fancied another drink, so S**** and I decided to have a small whiskey before I went to bed. Ended up chatting until gone 01:15am. Mrs H and me had been out the night before. As the youngest is on respite this week, we went to the quiz-nite. We got back just after 11:30pm that night. So this morning, I was a little bit tired, to say the least. S**** however, was still up at 03:00am!!!! There will not be a late night tonight (probably.)

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