Better than I could have hoped for …..

   The trip to the dental hospital, went better than expected. The staff were marvellous and understanding, and the whole traumatic episode was over and done with in under three hours. Then the problems started !!!! We got home without a problem, but by 02:0pm, he had worked out that his tooth was missing. That’s when we got the ‘Where’s my tooth ?’ questions. Of course, with his condition, trying to explain, only made matters worse. In fact everything we said made it worse. It must have been a strange feeling, to realise that part of you had gone and you don’t know how or why.

   I think I may have upset a work colleague. Not bothered !!! That person is getting too much above their position, and needs winding in a little. They seem to forget, that they are not running the show, only a bit part. So they should get on with what they have been tasked, and not try to bully their way through. I know what they are trying to do, and they will not use me to do it.

   No access to the PC next week, so postings may be few and far between. Will have to try and remember how to email my posts using my phone.

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