Excitement !!!!!

   An interesting day yesterday. Work was as usual, just work. But as I drove into the village, I was amazed at the size of police presence. To be honest, seeing two police officers in the same street is something special, but there was about six or seven of them wandering around. It then clicked !!! The post office has been hit again. That is the third time in two years. Two youths armed with a crowbar !! I’m not sure if they got anything this time though. I don’t mean to be sexist about this, but the place is run by two women. One in her late fifties, and the other in her late forties. It must look like an easy target.

   All the new doors have been hung. Mrs H is going oil them with linseed oil, to get a decent colour, and then we shall apply a silk varnish. Should look great.

   Time to go now. Youngest has gone to his bed (finally). He awoke at around 03:30 this morning, and of course so were we. He is still chattering away to himself, but I think both me and Mrs H will soon be asleep.

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