Weekend all gone…..

   The flat move went as well as can be expected. It was hard work though. I arrived at his place, at around 10:30, and it was around 21:00 when I managed to get away. R*** was not away, so Mrs H could not help at all. R***’s dad came and moved most of R***’s stuff, and the really heavy items in his van, but after two trips, he had gone. That left me, to finish of and lock up. I suppose S**** could have come with me for the last trip, but I felt that he wanted to start getting his flat in order. Took me about an hour or so to pack all the last bits up. And they were just bits. If I had had a crate or something, it could have been easier. Still it’s done, and the new place seems to be a lot better. Fingers crossed, they keep it tidy.

   A bit of a rest today, if you can call three loads of washing a rest !!! My legs seem to ache a lot. I think it is the knees that are the problem. I’m sat here with support bandages on both knees. It seems to work. When you think, I must have walked up and down the steps in S****’s old flat, at least 30 times yesterday (3 flights of stone staircase each way), its no wonder I’m in the state I’m in. Too old for this kind of game.