…. and on and on.

   Well, the afternoon didn’t get any better. The file that I was waiting for arrived too late to fully process, so that’s the first job in the morning. Then it’s back to the routine stuff. I need more challenges in this job. I think it is time to start putting feelers out. There are times, when I think that there is not enough work to justify my job.

   A new Asda card arrived today. It would appear, that a lot of people (me included) have had problems with the previous issue. It is now fixed! I’m tempted to start using it again. I only used for petrol at the Asda garage, as it gave me an extra penny of a litre. Is it worth the hassle of using two credit cards ?? Maybe not. It will also be a pain activating the card. They’ll try and sell me card insurance or a credit report.

   I downloaded a Facebook plugin for WLW (Windows Live Writer) yesterday. It is supposed to put an announcement in Facebook that I’ve made a blog posting. Typically, it did not work.

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