Shattered ….too old for this

   The gig at The Albion was really very good. A lot better than I anticipated. There was an exceptional atmosphere, and I enjoyed the night very much. I was really impressed by one of the artistes, Jess Gardham, a singer songwriter from York. So good, I bought her CD.

   I suppose, that the only thing that possibly spoilt the evening were the local trolls. But then again, it’s their local, and they were just enjoying themselves in their own way. A late night though. It was a quarter to one when I got into bed, and was made worse by the fact that the youngest had been awake at 3am on Saturday morning. He did go back to sleep at times, but you tend to sleep with one ear open, listening out for him.

   An interesting day at work tomorrow. The software we use, has a routine that is supposed to be automatic, but needs to have someone logged into the software, to start the routine. Well we are trying to use a ‘scheduled task’ to run the routine. The software house has told me how to run it, so fingers crossed it all goes according to plan. It will make the whole process a lot easier. It can be run very early in the morning, when nobody is working and in theory run faster. Watch this space.