Another day over …

   Today went without a hitch. Well my day went without a hitch, and at times that is all that matters. Found some cheap speakers in Tesco today. I think mine have gone now. It seems to be just the right-hand speaker that is the problem. One minute it’s working,and the next it’s not. They were only about £10.00 when I got them, so I was not expecting top quality. The ones I’ve seen are half price at £14.99, so I reckon they might be a bit better than the ones I’ve got.

   Mrs H started to put the kitchen back together again. We have a problem though. The curtain rail !!!! Two of the three brackets, that held the rail on the wall, broke when I tried to get the rail down. Now, this may not seem bad, but we brought the rail with us when we moved to this house, some twelve years ago. It was a few years old even then, so I think I’m going to struggle to find some new brackets to fit. Looks like it could mean a new rail, and of course, that means drilling new screw holes. The problem with that is, that where the rail has to go, there is very little spare wall to drill, as it is quite close to the ceiling. Such fun.

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