Ice …….

Well much of the snow seems to have disappeared, only to be replaced with with ice ! Here’s a thought, why is it called ‘Black Ice’, when it is actually transparent ? Coming out of the parking area this morning was okay, then I hit the road. That was the first tricky part, straightening up. Then at the end of the road, I began to slow down, well before the junction, but it was very close, and when I dd have to break a little, I felt the back wheels slide. It was all fine then, until I got to the work car park. M*** the handy-man, was at the gate warning people that the car park was very icy and slippery. I don’t know, but it may have been more practical, if he had spread some the grit we have. It does not need much, just enough to give a little purchase. We shall see how the drive home goes.

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