Saturdays come and go ….

   Youngest was on respite today, so Mrs H and me did a bit of shopping. Mrs H wanted a few things from Asda (wine !!), before going off to Tesco. We got the youngest a few DVD’s that he had not got, and  Leitz Combind100a CD for my Mum. I managed to bag a bargain. A comb binder for £7.50 !! I have had one before, but some of the hooks broke, which made it next to useless. The best price I can come up with, on the web, for the same model was £37.95 !!!!! A bargain or what !!! I also managed to get some laminate pouches too. I have plenty of A5 type, but no A5 or A6 until today. another bargain.

 Roundhay Fox  It was  then off to the Roundhay Fox for lunch. It was great watching all the different people. Mrs H said it was free entertainment. There were a lot of children though. A couple of large parties were in, but the food took only 20 minutes to arrive as expected. That was just about it. A quick look at a garden centre, and it was then time to pick up the youngest. Day done. Not heard anything from the eldest. He is supposed to be coming here for 2pm for a rehearsal tomorrow. We think his friend B** will be bringing him and stopping for tea. Not too sure if S**** will be sleeping here though.

The weekend at last

   A lot was achieved at work today. It’s getting close to the month end, so there a lot of reporting to do. And, as it is getting close to the end of the year, my stats spreadsheet needs updating for next year. Fingers crossed I have got it right. I really should document the damn thing, but I just never remember. It has grown from a single sheet of weekly numbers, to a 8 sheet workbook. I’m quite proud of it really. No one else has a clue how it works, they are just grateful it does. If I sat down and took it to pieces, I’m sure I could make it a lot easier. Some of the formulae I think could be simplified, and I’m sure I could tidy up the look-up tables, but at the end of the day, it works !

   I started work on the panto programme tonight. Hardest thing was getting the picture in black and white. For some reason my copy of Photoshop Elements 2 is playing up. I have a strong suspicion, that the twain drivers have corrupted, as a few times tonight, the thing has hung up when initialising. I think I may have to reinstall it at some point.