Boring really

   Today was one of those days that just happened. You know the type of day I mean, when nothing really happened !! Everything went without a hitch. I got all the jobs done that I had to do, with time to spare, and even had chance to write up by ‘to-do’ list for tomorrow. Boring and much the same tomorrow.

   I got the posters printed and laminated. S**** was supposed to be dropping the disc, with the tickets on, up at the directors house. Either he was going to drop them off, or Mrs H was going to do it. However, neither of them realised the disc was there (on top of his wallet), so it will have to be tomorrow now. Fingers crossed, that I get the programme details soon, but I can see them turning up at 11:00pm on Sunday evening. They will need them as soon as possible though, as the first performance is Wednesday, so I’ll not have much time. It should be okay, if I can find a template for a single fold, double sided A4 booklet !!

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